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Identity Crisis: Book One of the Arbiter Trilogy

Status: Available Now!

Through the winds of change, we stand tall as trees.

Jag has always wondered why he’s different from the other Rixxonians. So when strange visitors show up in the jungle, he can’t help but follow.

He could’ve never predicted his search for answers would propel him off planet and into the middle of a galactic conspiracy.

Aided by the mysterious Arbiters and their advanced technology, Jag and his brother, Sixxis, travel to astounding new worlds as they assemble a team to oppose the Prospectors’ Guild and its violent operations run by the fiendish Advocate. But each success only brings more chaos. And the more things unfold, the more Jag can’t help but think it’s all connected.

Will Jag discover the truth behind his identity—or has fate already decided his path?

For fans of Avatar, Mass Effect, and Star Warsthis fast-paced young adult space opera is packed with twists and turns, witty banter, and a whole lot of action. Driven by immersive worldbuilding and a diverse ensemble cast, Identity Crisis explores themes of mental health, trauma, and self-discovery—all wrapped up in a thrilling science fiction adventure.

Available on Kindle and in paperback.

Work In Progress:

Subterfuge: The Second Book in The Arbiter Trilogy

Status: Writing First Draft

Next Up:

Title TBA: The Third Book in The Arbiter Trilogy

Status: Plotting High-Level Story Structure

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